Frame options

Frames can be supplied in a variety of materials as outlined below with a primed, painted or lacquered finish:

  • Moisture-resistant MDF
  • Softwood
  • Hardwood
  • Engineered MDF
  • PVC-encapsulated
  • Steel



Our traditional wooden frames can be manufactured from Softwood, Hardwood or MDF. Our timbers are available as rebated, double-action or plant on stop frames, with the option for either a clear lacquer finish or a hygiene control coating. Both softwood and hardwood frames can be primed for final decoration on site.


Mono Fixed rebate frame.

Sturdy single piece frame with either single or double rebate.

Barum Loose stop frame.

Two part frame consisting of a flat main frame supplied with a loose stop to be fixed on site.

Cubith Wrap around frame.

Three part frame consisting of a two part wrap around frame and stop. Does not use architraves and can be used to achieve a shadow gap effect.

Perimeter Seals & Architraves

Perimeter seals provide protection against cold smoke ingress. The correct specification and installation of perimeter seals is critical in providing enhanced acoustic properties of the doorset. We offer compliant solutions in a variety of colours.

Architraves can be provided either softwood primed or MDF paper wrapped in 45mm x 15mm or 69mm x 15mm sizes.


PVC-encapsulated frames are a popular solution for environments such as healthcare, pharma or commercial buildings due to their strength and durability and minimal maintenance requirements. They also offer a hygienic solution as they can be easily wiped with alcohol-based products to kill bacteria or germs.

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How can we help?