Education Doors

High performance timber doorsets for your education projects.

As specialist manufacturers of timber doors, we have been supplying the education sector with high performance, and fully certified timber doorsets for over 25 years. Our team of specialists work closely with planners, architects and contractors to deliver bespoke internal timber door solutions that are durable enough to handle the wear and tear of daily use, and that have the necessary performance characteristics needed to help school buildings achieve the best possible acoustics while maintaining the highest levels of fire protection. For a complete package solution, our education doorsets are pre-assembled in the factory and include the door leaf, frame, architraves, and prepped for ironmongery. We also provide solutions for both fire-rated and non-fire-rated glazing including integrated vision panels and surrounding glazed screens.



Bespoke Look & Feel

You won’t need to compromise on the design of your school environments as our fully compliant and certified timber doors are custom made to meet your exact size, performance and design specifications. Door leaf finishes include commercial veneer, various laminate options, PVC wrap or paint. Frames are manufactured in softwood or hardwood, moisture-resistant MDF and engineered MDF. They are also available in a variety of other materials such as PVC-encapsulated, steel with any RAL colour PPC finish of your choice, and stainless steel.


Complete Doorset  

Our Education Doors come as full door sets including frames, door leafs, architraves, and factory prepped for ironmongery, giving you a superior finished product and saving you the hassle of sourcing components from multiple suppliers.


Performance Requirements

To help create safer and more productive learning environments for students in universities, colleges and schools, our range of education timber doors include compliant fire rated doors with up to 120 minutes of fire protection, and high performance classroom doors which offer excellent sound reduction of up to 40DB as well as fire resistance. To meet even the toughest demands of education buildings we also manufacture severe duty timber doors featuring enhanced protection, strength and durability measures.


Glazing options

Our education doorsets can also be customised to meet both your privacy and observation needs with our vision panels and bespoke glazing beads which can be provided with or without fire resistance certification, depending on your specification. Surrounding glazed screens with fire resistance of up to 60 minutes are also available and can be tailormade to meet both your performance demands and school project design requirements.


User Safety and Door Protection

Safety comes first in education buildings, so we provide user protection features with our doorsets including integrated finger guards which safeguard children from the dangers of finger entrapment.  To ensure the longevity of your doorset, we can also provide door protection such as push plates, kick plates and edge protection.

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