Door and user protection

We offer a variety of protective measures to ensure the longevity of your doorset and the safety of your users. The material used for door protection can be Aluminum, Stainless Steel or PVC. You also have the option to have kick plates surface-fitted or recessed flush.

For new builds or replacement doorsets, we can supply units pre-fitted with hand and finger protection completed as part of our in-house manufacturing process. This is especially popular in education and healthcare settings where there is a larger risk of an individuals’ fingers or hands getting caught in the door which in some instances can result in serious injury.

Additional protective measures
  • Kick Plates
  • Push Plates
  • Trolley Plates
  • Edge Guards

paint grade doors with built in vision panel and kick plate protection
timber door with vision panel and protection_healthcare doors
timber door with kickplate protection and anti-ligature hinger
anti ligature doorset with concealed overhead door closer to provide protection

How can we help?

How can we help?