Hygiene Doors

Specialist doors that control the spread of  infection. Hygiene doors

Our custom-made hygiene doorsets offer you the highest level of infection control, and can also be manufactured with fire-rated and soundproofing performance characteristics. All of their components—from the core and facing material to the frame and hinges—have been specially designed to ensure maximum hygiene control. In addition, our durable PVC encapsulated doorsets can withstand rigorous cleaning, providing the highest levels of infection control, and making them ideal for use in healthcare facilities where a clean and sanitary environment is paramount.

Never has the need for hygiene control been more prevalent than it is today. Our commercial-grade hygiene door range offers the perfect solution for maintaining safe, clean and hygienic conditions and are especially recommended for environments where there’s a greater risk of infection and contamination, including hospitals, care homes, schools, hotels, and even catering establishments that must comply with food hygiene regulations.

Our anti-microbial treatment can be applied to all our doors, and it is also incorporated into the wood lacquer on all veneered and PVC-encapsulated hygiene doorsets, offering protection against most species of bacteria including C-difficile, MRSA, salmonella, E.coli, and Listeria.

Our hygiene doors and frames can be partially encapsulated to create a visual contrast with the other exposed areas of the door, and matching hygiene wall sheets are also available. However for the best resistance to infection full door encapsulation is recommended.

Fire resistance
Acoustic/Sound reduction
Anti-microbial protection
Vision panel
Choice of Door leaf finishes
Choice of Door frame materials
Integrated ironmongery
Door hardware & accessories
Door & user protection options

How can we help?

How can we help?