Corridor Doors

Complete cross-corridor doors for your healthcare facility.

We manufacture healthcare corridor doors in a wide range of configurations, styles, materials, and fire ratings. Corridor doors, also known as cross-corridor doors, separate one corridor from another corridor and the design specifications for these can vary depending on the application. A set of double swinging PVC encapsulated timber doors, with antimicrobial protection, integrated vison panels, sound reduction attributes of DB37, and a 60 minute fire resistance rating to comply with the regulations for fire compartmentation, would be typical of a cross-corridor doorset specified for a healthcare environment.

Corridor and cross-corridor doors are the most common type of doorsets found in hospital and healthcare environments, and as the first line of defence against the spread of infection and fire, they play an important part in keeping the occupants of healthcare facilities safe.

Our fully certified corridor doors for hospitals and healthcare environments improve fire safety (providing up to 120 minutes fire resistance), provide enhanced performance with regard to noise control (offering acoustic insulation up to DB40), and offer superior cleanability (with our laminate and pvc encapsulated door leaf, door frame and matching wall sheet options.

All our corridor doors come pre-prepped for  commercial grade ironmongery, specifically designed for the healthcare sector. Plus, we can provide your corridor doorset complete with door and user protection features including push plates, kick plates and finger protection. For improved accessibility and to better manage the high traffic flow in corridors, we are also able to supply all the automatic access control features you will need for your healthcare corridor doorset too including hold open devices for corridor doors that need to remain open, as well as push button or touchless sensors for ease of access for all users and to reduce the physical force required to open the corridor doors.

Fire resistance
Acoustic/Sound reduction
Anti-microbial protection
Vision panel
Choice of Door leaf finishes
Choice of Door frame materials
Integrated ironmongery
Door hardware & accessories
Door & user protection options

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How can we help?