Operating Theatre Doors

Infection control door solutions for sterile spaces.

Our PVC encapsulated doors offer a hygienic doorset solution designed to help keep operating and theatre rooms sterile. A PVC faced surface which is fully wrapped around the door leaf and frame, means our Operating Theatre Doors are 100% waterproof and can withstand rigorous cleaning, making them ideal for creating safe environments and hygienic conditions. Our Operating Theatre Doors are also treated with antibacterial agents to help prevent the build-up and spread of harmful bacteria, a requirement that is vitally important in theatre.

All of our Operating Theatre Doorsets are manufactured from high quality materials, that are non-warping and rust-resistant. They also have a smooth, seamless design that eliminates any spaces for bacteria to gather, making them the perfect doorset solution for high-level disinfection rooms, where preventing the spread of infection is paramount.

Doors are available in both a fire-rated option with up to 120 minutes fire resistance, and a non fire-rated option. We can manufacture our doorsets to provide acoustic performance of up to DB40. In addition, our complete doorset solution for operating rooms and theatre rooms comes pre-prepped for ironmongery.

Dual functioning, glazed vision panels can also be integrated into our Operating Theatre Doorsets, allowing for both monitoring and privacy as necessary.  Additionally, door and user protection features including push plates and kick plates can be included to ensure the longevity of your doorset, and access control systems including push button as well as contactless/touch free access can also be provided for a complete package solution.

Fire resistance
Acoustic/Sound reduction
Anti-microbial protection
Vision panel
Choice of Door leaf finishes
Choice of Door frame materials
Integrated ironmongery
Door hardware & accessories
Door & user protection options

How can we help?

How can we help?