Vision panels & glazed screens

Vision panels and bespoke surrounding glazed screens are available to complement your timber doorset designs across all types of applications. What’s more with our dual position viewing panel option you can meet demands for both privacy and security whilst giving the user the ability to observe. Our bespoke glazed screens are available in a wide range of materials and are tailormade to your aesthetic and performance demands including for fire resistance and acoustic insulation, all built in a way that ensures practical and easy installation.


Vision Panels

Vision panels provide an interesting, yet practical element to your door leaf and are ideally suited to healthcare, education and commercial environments. We offer a wide variety of vision panel shapes and sizes for our timber doorsets depending on your requirements. All our glazed units are fully compliant with relevant building codes and standards.

Safety rated glass options

  • Clear laminated or toughened glass for non fire-rated doors
  • clear safety glass for FD30 and FD60 doors
  • Obscured glass for both fire rated and non-fire rated doors

glazing glazing


Privacy Vision Panels

We can provide Fire-rated or non fire-rated vision panels as part of our glazed timber doorset offering. These are typically used in the healthcare sector for patient privacy or monitoring but are also popular in education and commercial developments. The privacy vision panels are made up of three sheets of glass sealed as a single panel with evenly spaced, alternating lines and a sleek handle to allow either privacy or observation.

The standard make-up for our vision panels for privacy glass, consists of two outer sheets of 6mm toughened glass and 4mm annealed middle sheet of glass for a total thickness of 18mm; this allows for easy installation that does not require cutting or drilling.

Benefits of Privacy Vision Panels

  • Maintenance-free
  • Infection control
  • Easy installation – no cutting or drilling required
  • Manually operated
  • Non-standard sizes / bespoke panels to best suit your needs


Surrounding Glazed Screens

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Glazed screens are often specified for both functional and aesthetic purposes, eg. for way-finding and fire-protection and in order to maximise the amount of natural light flowing through a space. With our complete package solutions, door leaves can be incorporated into surrounding glazed screens constructed using certified and tested frames and available in a variety of finishes, as well as primed ready for painting on site.

When you choose to have a surrounding glazed screen integrated in your timber doorset, you have the option to enhance your fire and acoustical performance too with up to 60 minute fire resistance and 47 RwdB. The glass used within the glazed screens is determined by your project requirements. It’s a simple process; we’ll discuss the options with you and help you specify the appropriate surrounding glazed screen and frame finish to meet your needs.

Surrounding screen options

  • Fire rated screen – up FD60
  • Non-fire rated screen
  • Acoustic screen – up to 47 RwdB
  • Range of finishes available
  • Easy to install

How can we help?

How can we help?