X-Ray Doors

Lead lined doors for radiation shielding performance.

Radiation-emitting environments require specialist lead-lined doors to shield staff, patients and the public from harmful radiation. Our high-performance X-ray Doors provide radiation protection up to code 8, the highest lead thickness, meet the latest hygiene regulations, and can be provided with vision panels using x-ray glass manufactured to the lead code equivalent. In addition, they can be fire rated to offer fire resistance from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on your application needs.

We manufacture radiation-proof doorsets that can be custom-made to match your existing interior decoration and other non rated doors, offering maximum protection while retaining a pleasing appearance.

Thicknesses of lead can vary from 1mm to 3.5mm and the thickness you will require to meet the stringent radiation protection standards (BS EN 12588, 1999), depends on the radiation source output, proximity and patient through-put. In order to achieve a greater radiation protection, multiple layers of lead may be used.

In Ireland, lead codes typically range from code 3 (1mm lead) which would be suitable for use in dental and veterinary buildings, to code 8 (3.55mm lead) which is the highest level of protection, and most commonly used in emergency medical centres and hospitals.

The majority of X-Ray doors utilise code 5 or 6 (2mm/2.65mm lead) which would be the appropriate level of protection for applications such as CT Scanner rooms. Additionally, the lead in our X-Ray doors is pressure laminated within the construction of the product making it completely inaccessible.

Fire resistance
Acoustic/Sound reduction
Radiation Shielding: Code 1-8
Anti-microbial protection
Severe duty performance
Vision panel: non fire rated & fire rated
Choice of Door leaf finishes
Choice of Door frame materials
Integrated ironmongery
Door hardware & accessories
Door & user protection options

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How can we help?