Hygiene doors for healthcare sector

Healthcare Doors

Timber doors for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

With over 25 years experience in the healthcare sector, we’ve worked with a comprehensive network of healthcare design specialists and contractors to deliver a bespoke design, manufacture and maintenance service for high performance healthcare doorsets, helping to protect patients, visitors, and healthcare workers from infection, as well as fire and security risks. Our most popular door ranges for hospitals and healthcare environments include certified fire resistant doors to contain the spread of fire and smoke,  sound proofing doors for improved acoustic performance, single and double timber doorsets with privacy vision panels for patient rooms and wards, and of course infection control doors that offer antimicrobial protection, with the additional option of fully finished matching wall panelling helping to provide a truly sanitary environment.


Hospitals, care homes and other medical facilities can be daunting for both patients and visitors, particularly when patient or staff movement is busy which is why it’s important to specify high performance healthcare door products that promote a sense of safety and security throughout the entire healthcare facility. Our healthcare doors are designed to suit the needs of hospitals, health centres and care homes; combining appearance and durability with certified fire protection, acoustic performance, accessibility and hygiene control features as required.


Antimicrobial Protection

All our healthcare doorsets are available in an easy to clean laminate faced finish, as well as in a durable PVC wrap, both designed to resist everyday wear and tear and stand up to aggressive cleaning regimens. We also apply an anti-microbial treatment to all veneered and PVC-encapsulated doorsets to prevent the growth and spread of pathogenic bacteria, including C-difficile, MRSA, salmonella, E.coli, and Listeria.


Door/User Protection

Hands and fingers are particularly vulnerable to injury through doorways, so our healthcare doors are pre-fitted doors with hand-protection. Kick plates, push plates, edge guards, and other types of protective features are available to specify where additional door and user protection is required.


Privacy Panels and Glazed Screens

Our fire-rated and non fire-rated doorsets can be equipped with vision panels for monitoring and privacy purposes. The privacy vision panels are made of three sheets of glass sealed into one seamless unit, with evenly spaced alternating lines between the panes that can be operated using a sleek handle to allow the user to switch between privacy and observation. We can also provide custom made surrounding glazed screens with up to 60 minutes of fire resistance and 47 RwdB, which are often specified for way-finding and fire-protection, and to bring in as much natural lighting as possible into a space. Door leaves can be incorporated into surrounding glazed screens constructed using certified and tested frames.


Severe Duty Healthcare Doors

Severe-duty doorsets can provide the extra strength and durability needed in a busy healthcare environment. These heavy-duty doorsets offer a higher level of performance than standard doors, allowing for the heavy usage seen in hospital and other healthcare settings. They are available in a variety of veneers, laminates, and finishes to ensure your healthcare doorsets are able to meet and exceed industry durability requirements and to ensure their longevity. Frames can be manufactured from softwood, hardwood, MDF or steel, depending on your specification. Kick plates, edge guards, and other types of protective features are also available to specify where additional door and user protection is required.


Specialist Healthcare Doors

We manufacture specialist healthcare door solutions to meet specific application requirements, for example our fully certified radiation shielding doorsets for hospital x-ray rooms and dental surgeries, and our severe-duty doors that are strong enough to withstand heavy use, and the potential damage caused by moving beds and hospital trolleys.

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