Environmental Policy

Elite Doors is a hardware and access control company, whose main services include ‘Supply & installation of automatics, access control, service & maintenance of same, fire door inspections, supply & installation of movable wall systems, and supply only of door hardware’.

We are committed to the prevention of pollution, injury and ill-health; and to be compliant with all statutes, regulations, codes of practice, client requirements and best environmental / health / safety practice related to our business activities. This applies to all our employees and others working on behalf of the company. We undertake our operations in a manner that will minimise our impact on both the local and wider environment and we liaise closely with relevant authorities in order to meet our safety, health, environmental and quality aims.

Elite Doors dedicates resources to maintain safety, health and environmental standards for our premises and work equipment, and provides necessary information to employees about proper use, storage and disposal of substances to avoid harm to the environment and personnel. We take positive steps to conserve non-renewable resources and energy and seek to minimise disposal of waste.

Elite Doors’s vision is to set a benchmark for sustainability, in the hope that other businesses will follow. This benchmark is expressed through concepts of minimising carbon emissions, minimising waste and conserving and increasing ecological value.

The main areas of focus for Elite Doors are:

  • Control and minimise carbon emissions
  • Try to use only biodegradable and/or recyclable packaging
  • Ensure the efficient and responsible use of resources
  • Provide for the appropriate protection of the natural environment

We will seek to provide and advise on innovative ways to maximise resources and energy efficiency in order to reduce our environmental impact.