Elite Doors are now BM Trada Q-Mark certified

19th October 2022

As Elite Doors have successfully achieved BM Trada Q-mark certification we take a closer look at what this certification means and what benefits our customers can enjoy

We are delighted to announce that we have achieved BM Trada Q-mark certification. The BM Trada Q-Mark scheme is designed to encourage quality and best practice – specifically in the timber and construction sector. The scheme’s aims are to enhance products, service and standards within organizations.

At Elite our emphasis and focus has always been on producing a superior quality, long-lasting timber doorset. Our clients and customers know that Elite doorsets are built to last and having now achieved Q-mark certification is testament to our commitment to ensuring that we continually adhere to strict protocols, policies, and procedures across our entire manufacturing process both in Elite Doors and throughout the KCC Group BM Trada certified installation and maintenance teams.


What is Q-Mark?

It is a system developed by BM Trada that controls all factory processes and ensures that they comply with the recognised standards. Q-Mark controls the entire process behind the manufacture of a door, from the first step of handling enquires and purchases to the Factory Process Control (FPC) which outlines every machine and it’s expected function. It encompasses everything from goods inwards through to the dispatch of products ensuring all timber products are checked for moisture and density and involves a rigorous eight stage quality control check process.

The end result of Q-Mark is a certified product which guarantees a fully compliant FD30 or FD60 fire door assembly, assuring end users that they are dealing with a reputable manufacturing partner and demonstrating a commitment to quality on products.


Why is this important? 

Q-Mark is widely regarded as one of the most rigorous certification processes available in our industry. It helps to ensure quality excellence on an ongoing basis, with regular audits even post-accreditation. It was hugely important to Elite to achieve these standards because of the vital role our products play in in protecting life and property. Maintaining strict standards in the processes involved in fire door manufacture ensures that the fire door can perform as intended, which can be the difference between life and death for building occupants. It also sets our product standards above that of our competitors because we strongly believe in the importance of certification and we want to provide a consistently excellent product and service to our valued clients and customers.

Fire door certification provides independent reassurance to specifiers and purchasers that our products are manufactured to a consistent quality. There is a legal requirement for manufacturers of fire doors to provide proof of the ability of their products to resist the passage of fire through the provision of test evidence. Whilst this demonstrates that the door meets the legally acceptable minimum standards, the BM TRADA Q-Mark fire door manufacturer scheme that we are now certified under provides additional reassurance that products are fit for purpose through on-going compliance to the original product specification.


What are the benefits to our customers?

The Q-mark certification means Elite can offer its customers peace of mind and confidence in the credibility of our manufacturing and production processes as well as the consistency of quality in all products and processes. This quality guarantee also minimises the risk of product failure and increases the expected lifespan of products. With fire door safety awareness growing, an increasing number of projects are specifying third-party certified fire doors. With the added peace of mind of our widely recognised and accepted Q-mark certification, specifiers can collaborate with Elite in making commercially sound decisions in performance critical products, their installation and on-going maintenance.


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