Elite doors is raising the bar for certification as they work towards BM Trada Q-mark accreditation

15th June 2022

Elite doors raising the bar for certification as they work towards Q-mark accreditation

We chat to our General Manager, Richard Holmes, and Commercial Director of KCC Group, Alan Currie, about working towards achieving Q-mark accreditation for Elite.

“At Elite, we want our clients and customers to feel confident in their decision to work with us. We want them to know exactly what they are getting in terms of product and service. This will ensure they know that they are dealing with a quality-driven organisation, committed to following strict processes and implementing best practices in manufacturing to deliver a consistent standard of quality and service every time”, says Alan.

“We are currently working towards BM Trada Q-mark accreditation,” advises Richard. The BM Trada Q-Mark scheme is designed to encourage quality and best practice – specifically in the timber and construction sector. The scheme’s aims are to enhance products, service and standards within organizations. “We have always been focused on producing a superior quality, long-lasting timber doorset. Our commitment to achieving Q-mark accreditation will ensure that we continually adhere to strict protocols, policies and procedures across our entire manufacturing process both in Elite Doors and throughout the KCC Group installation and maintenance teams”.

Elite Doors and the KCC Group work closely together on large scale projects across the Island of Ireland and the UK to deliver high-quality, certified and integrated timber doorsets in healthcare, hospitality, education and commercial sectors. “Together, we are able to provide our customers and clients with a consistent, reliable service from start to finish, constantly striving to improve our processes for better quality and efficiencies where appropriate”, says Alan.

Progress report

“As part of the Q-Mark journey we are delighted to announce that two of our doorsets have gone through PAS24 testing successfully and the additional 60-minute burn test has also been successfully completed”, Richard advises.

So why are we doing this?

“Q-Mark is regarded as one of the most rigorous certification processes available in our industry. It will mean that our products and services are audited by a third-party certification body, which in turn helps to ensure quality excellence on an ongoing basis, with regular audits even post-accreditation. It also sets our product standards above that of our competitors because we strongly believe in the importance of certification and we want to provide a consistently excellent product and service to our valued clients and customers.” says Alan.

What are the benefits to our clients / customers?

  1. Underscores the credibility of our manufacturing and production processes
  2. Gives clients and customers confidence and peace of mind around the consistent quality of product and processes
  3. Helps to reduce the risk of product failure
  4. Helps specifiers to make commercially-sound decisions in performance critical products, their installation and on-going maintenance
  5. It is a recognised and widely accepted quality standard

Elite doors Q-mark accreditation